The Plant Intelligence Researcher, Enrique Lorente Pastor, held an important meeting with the former governor of the Ica region, Fernando Cilloníz Benavides, on the experimental estate Paraíso, located on the Iquitos – Nauta Km 39.7 road, and both agreed that Loreto's agroforestry export potential is multimillionaire.

Becoming the FIRST FORESTAL AND AGRICULON POWER means becoming The richest region in Peru, and Loreto has the ability to sow its own wealth, which ensures its true sustainable, economic and social development. We've got it all, it's time to start.

This premise arises from an irrefutable reality: the development of the Ica region, which has managed to reach first places in education, health, labor income, productive infrastructure and employment.

Full employment in Ica is a sign that in Peru you can get things right. In this region Workers are the highest paid in the country, with salaries three or four times above the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV) established by the State and have all the work benefits as a rule of law, such as vacation, CTS and insurance Doctor. In Ica, unemployment tends to zero!

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), in 2007 the poverty of the population of Ica was between 23.5% and 27.2%. In the last report of 2017, these poverty margins have been drastically reduced: between 2.1% and 4.8%. Also, in Ica 98% of the population has electricity current and 94% have drinking water.

Ica was a huge unproductive desert. Currently, with high-productivity technified systems, thousands of agricultural hectares are irrigated. However, Ica does not stop and will grow much more. Fernando Cillóniz and Glodoaldo Alvarez, former governor of Huancavelica, signed the ambitious project "Water entrenchment system in the valleys of Ica, Pisco and irrigable areas of the provinces of Huaytará and Castrovirreyna, in Huancavelica". This private initiative co-financed with the State (US$400 million) will integrate thousands of hectares of deserts into agro-export activities.

According to the Association of Farmers Guilds of Peru (AGAP), Ica's agricultural exports account for more than 38% of domestic production. Grapes, asparagus, fresh avocados, pomegranates and mandarins are a part of the products that Ica offers to international destinations such as the United States, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, United Kingdom.

Ica being a desert became an agro-exporting power, LORETO with its extraordinary biodiversity and blessed climate, forest species of higher world value and tropical fruits of high demand, can achieve and exceed the same goal, but as it says of Fernando Cillóniz, we must end the 4 pre-monitored stars of evil: ignorance, envy, spite, and selfishness. The subscriber adds that the disgusting corruption must also be ended. If we can, LORETO IF YOU PRODUCE.