Luis campos Baca, biologist and doctor of environmental sciences with 50 years of experience in research and research management in Amazonia, together with the entrepreneur Juan Carlos Vela, visited the experimental center "Paraíso" first forest park and natural seedling, where plant intelligence researcher Enrique Lorente works on the recovery and conservation of the most valuable forest species in our region.

Dr. Luis Campos Baca, has been following the project since its inception, and today he can attest to the validity of the work developed by Enrique Lorente, who has combined ancestral knowledge with cutting-edge technology, based on intelligence studies plants, biomimetics, natural defense and communication of plants, which have been key to overcoming all technical limitations and breaking myths about the unproductiveness of the land.

Enrique Lorente, he's taking reforestation to another level. His proposal is aimed at recovering our most valuable endangered species such as mahogany, rosewood, cedar, shihuahuaco, among others; real ecological restoration work (which can only be achieved with native species) of millions of hectares deforested by illegal logging and mismanagement of forest concessions that never fulfilled their obligation to replenish felled trees.

Enrique Lorente, mentions that there is no point in continuing to insist on low-productivity and selective logging, high environmental logging, when forest plantations across South America are generating thousands of jobs and millions of jobs $7 billion in exports, in the case of Chile; Uruguay, $1.5 billion and Brazil, $9 billion. Peru, exploiting only natural forests, exports only $120 million, maintaining a negative trade balance and a high rate of deforestation.

Enrique Lorente, has undertaken the most important reforestation project in the Peruvian Amazon, and works together with RAINFOREST and the prestigious investment consultancy company MAXIMIXE, to make Loreto an attractive investment destination in projects Agroforestry. LORETO DOES PRODUCE

Lorente Reforest Sac
Luis Campos Baca