Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Echo. Sayuri Bayona Matsuda met with the Plant Intelligence Researcher, Enrique Lorente Pastor, in order to get to know the Experimental Center "Finca Paraíso", owned by Lorente Reforest SAC. Enrique has been leading the most important reforestation project in the Amazon and Peru. This is the successful recovery of the main Amazonian forest species found in EXTINTION DANGER, such as Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), Cedar (Cedrela odorata), Palo Rosa (Aniba roseaodora), Shihuahuaco (Dipteryx micrantha), and others 30 species in vulnerable condition.

Together with the Vice Minister they toured the First Forest Botanical Park – Natural Seed, where emphasis is placed on the multiplication of trees native to the Amazon, for conservation purposes of these valuable species.

The model of reforestation developed by Lorente, with natural germination of Amazonian species, 100% organic, free of chemicals, cloning and harmful exotic species such as pine and eucalyptus, has captured the attention of investors nationals and foreigners, and the "Finca Paraíso" is the most important showcase that the Peruvian Amazon has, to demonstrate the enormous potential that our region has to be leaders in the production and export of legally certified timber ensure saloon of the traceability of our forest products.

Loreto can recover its forests that have been devastated by illegal logging, and at the same time it can become the largest forest power in Latin America, for its great advantages for the successful establishment of forest plantations with the most species valuable people in the world. Reforestation is presented as the best alternative for economic and social development in our region. It is a legal, ecological activity and that generates thousands of decent and safe jobs.

THE TRUE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT HAS STARTED, and national authorities join and commit to give greater impetus to a project that will change the history of LORETO.