Meeting in Finca Paraso with Fernando Cillonáz Benavides, former governor of the ica region and Enrique Lorente Pastor

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The Plant Intelligence Researcher, Enrique Lorente Pastor, held an important meeting with the former governor of the Ica region, Fernando Cilloníz Benavides, on the experimental estate Paraíso, located on the Iquitos – Nauta Km 39.7 road, and both agreed that Loreto's agroforestry export potential is multimillionaire. Becoming the FIRST FORESTAL AND AGRICULON POWER means becoming The [...]

Visit SENASA (National Agrarian Health Service) at Finca Paraso

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The National Agricultural Health Service-SENASA continuously conducts views and evaluations in the agroforestry plantations of the Paraíso Experimental Farm, to check that they are free of pests and diseases. Enrique Lorente, shows amazing results, by controlling pests naturally, explaining that plants are intelligent, that they activate defense systems so effective, that they do not need pesticides [...]

Students from the Universidad Privada de la Selva Peruana (UPS), know the economic potential of reforestation in Finca Paraiso

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A group of students, from the Professional Schools of Accounting and Economics of the Private University of the Peruvian Jungle UPS, recently visited the "Paradise" Experimental Finca, and aimed to complement the theoretical-practical content discussed in classes when visiting a company dedicated to reforestation with endangered forest species. During the visit, and after a talk with [...]

Lorente Reforest SAC. Signature of Agreement with the National University of Ucayali (UNU)

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Lorente Reforest SAC. Signature of Agreement with the National University of Ucayali (UNU) Lorente Reforest Sac, a leading company in reforestation with Amazonian species at the national level, represented by plant intelligence researcher Enrique Lorente Pastor, signed an interinstitutional cooperation agreement with the National University of Ucayali, represented by its rector Dr. Carlos Fachín Mattos. Lorente [...]