To secure the future of our Amazon forests, the new generation must be prepared to face one of the greatest problems of our time: DEFORESTATION WITHOUT AMAZONIA CONTROL, THE BIGEST LUNG OF THE PLANET. This is the main reason why the plant intelligence researcher, Enrique Lorente Pastor, conducts free and continuous training courses and donation of seedlings to young students, farmers, peasants, and anyone with the interest of practically learn the proper procedure for reforesting with forest species native to our region.

Enrique Lorente, shows the successful results of the reforestation and recovery of endangered forest species such as mahogany, rosewood, cedar, shihuahuaco and 20 other species of economic and ecological importance, and imparts knowledge of biological and organic control of pests, biomimetics and plant intelligence, the latter, focused on the studies of the Italian researcher STEFANO MANCUSO, one of the most revolutionary and influential communicators of the plant kingdom, current Director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence.

This knowledge is changing our perception and giving us new hope to recover millions of hectares of forests that we have lost in just a decade of uncontrolled predation.

Enrique Lorente, mentions that we are one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, but we are losing everything because of deforestation, illegal logging, land trafficking, industrial monocultures, the introduction of exotic species incendiary (pine and eucalyptus) and the unstoppable growth of drug trafficking, and which for this reason urges the new generation to put into action an intensive program of reforestation and restoration of our forests, before it is too late.

The training and donation of seedlings, carried out in the experimental farm "Paraíso" on the 24th of this month, was attended by the researcher and former president of the Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon (IIAP), Dr. Luis Campos Baca, who highlights the importance of the reforestation project led by Enrique Lorente Pastor, and recommends carrying out the impulse on the part of the State, of the recovery of the degraded areas of our country.

Lorente makes reforestation clear and can help alleviate rural poverty, reduce deforestation in the tropics, stimulate the rehabilitation of degraded land, and increase and improve sustainable forest management practices.

Enrique Lorente, will continue this long crusade, and will bring everything at his disposal so that young people will continue this important work that will secure the future of our forests, and that will benefit our country, but also the whole world, which is witnessing impotent of devastating fires that destroy the Amazon. LORETO DOES PRODUCE.

Writes: Ernesto Saavedra
Photo: Tania Saavedra

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