Lorente Reforest SAC. Signature of Agreement with the National University of Ucayali (UNU)

Lorente Reforest Sac, a leading company in reforestation with Amazonian species at the national level, represented by plant intelligence researcher Enrique Lorente Pastor, signed an interinstitutional cooperation agreement with the National University of Ucayali, represented by its rector Dr. Carlos Fachín Mattos.

Lorente Reforest and UNU aim to provide internship opportunities within the company's premises, considering that training and training of students in the forestry engineering career will improve services offered in the forestry sector, as well as contributing to improving the knowledge acquired through the practice.

Through specific conventions, both sides will implement projects of great importance for the development of the forestry sector, which will contribute to the academic, business and economic growth of the region.

Prior to the signing of the agreement, the Rector of the Rector of the UNU, Dr. Carlos Fachín Mattos, accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Teresa Eléspuru; the dean of the Faculty of Forestry Engineering, Ing. Ruben Manturano and UNU Secretary General, Ing. Jorge Hilario, made a visit to the facilities of the Paraíso estate, owned by Lorente Reforest, located on the Iquitos Nauta Km 39.7 road, where they could see the successful development of forest plantations of various forest species.

Lorente Reforest SAC, is a company established in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest (Iquitos), which through research has developed comprehensive protocols for the production and biological control of pests that allow the establishment of plantations large-scale forests with the world's most valuable species. The company has an experimental farm on the Iquitos – Nauta km 39.7 highway with plantations of forest species native to the Amazon that are endangered (CITES species), such as: Caoba (Swietenia macrophylla), Cedar (Cedrela ododrata), Palorosa (Aniba rosaeodora), Huayruro (Ormosia coccinea), Shiringa (Hevea brasiliensis ), Bolaina (Guazuma criinita ), Shihuahuaco (Dipteryx micrantha), Palisangre (Brosimum rubescens), Mohena (Amazonian aniba), Quinilla (Manilkara bidentata), as well as other Amazonian species of great importance economic and ecological, counting to date with the management of more 21 forest species of the Peruvian Amazon, in addition to exotic species such as teca (Tectona Grandis), Acacia (Acacia mangium) and black walnut (Juglans nigra).

Lorente Reforest SAC, has shown that reforestation with native species of high value and worldwide demand such as mahogany, cedar, pinkwood, shihuahuaco, bolaina, which represent an extraordinary opportunity to consolidate Peru is feasible and cost-effective as the first forest power in Latin America, and to exceed the $7 billion currently exported by Chile, which bases its forest industry solely on pine and eucalyptus that are exotic species that cause more than 80% of forest fires (300 thousand Chile), and with international prices 20 times lower than those we have in the Peruvian Amazon.

This work undertaken by Lorente Reforest, is attracting the interest of various public and private institutions are added to contribute to the forest development of the country and consolidate Peru as a power in Latin America and the world. LORETO IF HE PRODUCES.

Write Ernesto Saavedra
Photo: Tania Saavedra

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