Production of Peru's largest Caoba, Palo Rosa, Cedro and Shihuahuaco begins in Loreto, in the District of San Juan Bautista, which brings together conditions to be the engine of the development of the region­čĺÜ.

Lorente Reforest and RAINFORST, started the production of the first million trees for reforestation and restoration of degraded forests to combat deforestation, climate change and unemployment­čîĆ

This private initiative aims to produce 50 million trees of the main forest species in DANGER OF EXTINCTION, such as mahogany, rosewood, cedar, shihuahuaco, etc. This great challenge, unprecedented, which is led by the researcher of plant intelligence, Enrique Lorente Pastor, in strategic alliance with the Italo-Peruvian company RAINFORST, and the support of the prestigious investment consultancy MAXIMIXE, will be vital importance for the recovery of our Amazon forests, which, to date, due to the inaction of public institutions has lost 2 MILLION hectares, causing serious damage to the quality of the soils and the loss of habitat of thousands of species who can't survive the deforestation that destroys their environment.

The quickest solution to deforestation is simply to stop felling trees and start with an intense ECOLOGICAL REFORSTATION AND RESTORATION PROGRAM with native Amazonian species.

This will help us to recover our forests and gradually our great biodiversity, but at the same time, an important economic activity will be generated through the sustainable management of forest plantations, which will lead LORETO to consolidate itself as the FIRST WORLD FOREST POWER­čîĆ, eliminating illegal logging from primary forests.

Mahogany, rosewood, cedar, shihuahuaco and several of our Amazonian species are among the most appreciated, marketed and valuable in the world. For many years and still today, some national and international markets are exclusively supplied with the natural forest (Peru 100%), and this is the main cause of selective deforestation that has decimated our valuable Amazonian species, up to the extinction point.

However, we cannot stop producing, but it is also not fair that the precious woods of our natural forests are finished, so reforestation is the best alternative for the sustainable development of our region, which will allow us to obtain wood agroforestry plantations and systems, which ensure the legal origin of wood and higher yields per hectare.

In Loreto, is located the district of San Juan Bautista, the largest in the region (3117.05 km2), and has a road that connects Iquitos with Nauta, this district has great potential for the development of high value forest plantations and meets the conditions to become the LORETO ECONOMIC ENGINE.

At km 39. 7 of the Iquitos ÔÇô Nauta road is also the experimental center FINCA PARAISO, owned by Lorente Reforest Sac, where an important research work has been carried out, which has been fundamental to the success of reforestation and ecological restoration.

The direct benefits of plantations are:

Economic and biological diversification of small and medium-sized farms.

­čî│Provision of new productive options

­čî│Reconstruction of natural resources that for years we have lost to irrational and illegal use.

­čî│Recovering degraded land and biodiversity

­čî│Reducing pressure on natural forests

Safe, dignified and stable employment generation. For every hectare, 2 to 3 jobs are created, so thousands of much-needed jobs would be created in our region.


It is time to generate wealth, respecting and recovering our forests. LORETO IF PRODUCE­čî│­čśü

Writes: Ernesto Saavedra
Photo: Tania Saavedra

Lorente Reforest Sac